DJ mandurah

Why does Mobydisc make such a difference? Is it the choice of music, the brilliant sound equipment, the expert DJ, the help with formalities, the organizing of games and prizes for childrens' parties or the dance lighting.

The answer is, they all add up to the Mobydisc difference! That's why they're all included to guarantee your fun when Mobydisc comes to the party!

Your professional Mobydisc DJ is an expert at playing just the right songs for every moment. But if you want to choose your own, simply go to the exclusive Mobydisc online song selector.

Some testimonials from our satisfied customers..

Linda Cox - 40th Wedding Anniversary - DJ

He was terrific, please give our thanks again for a great afternoon.

Heike Higgins - Wedding Reception - DJ

The DJ was fantastic. Perfect music for our generation and even the younger ones like it.

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