DJ Hire for all Occasions

Whatever the celebration Mobydisc has the music!

Every party, every birthday (regardess of age), every social club or work function, school dance, anniversary, engagement or club dinner needs atmosphere. And creating just the right atmosphere with the right music is what your Mobydisc DJ does best.

For 30 years Mobydisc have been turning ordinary occasions into extraordinary celebrations.

Why does Mobydisc make such a difference? Is it the choice of music, the brilliant sound equipment, the expert DJ, the help with formalities, the organizing of games and prizes for childrens' parties or the dance lighting.

The answer is, they all add up to the Mobydisc difference! That's why they're all included to guarantee your fun when Mobydisc comes to the party!

Your professional Mobydisc DJ is an expert at playing just the right songs for every moment. But if you want to choose your own, simply go to the exclusive Mobydisc online song selector.

And remember, you can always bring your favourite songs on CD or ipod, that you want your Mobydisc DJ to play.

What's included?

What isn't? There's special effect dance lighting, a mike for speeches, an expert DJ who can make announcements or act as the parties MC. There's a music system that sounds great at all volumes and a vast music library for all tastes and all ages.

The mike provided by Mobydisc plugs into the same state-of-the-art music system that provides the music and is adjusted by your Mobydisc DJ to just the right level.

And if the speeches will be taking place well away from the dance floor, you can request in advance a cordless microphone.

Karaoke Option!

Grab the mike and get your guests involved with a wide range of popular backing tracks and the lyrics displayed full screen.

Want To Add Your Own Music?

No problem. Either bring your own CDs or your ipod or both. Just let us know at the time of booking you wish to do this.

Want to Do It Yourself (DIY)? From Just $195.00

  • State of the art touchscreen console
  • Pre-loaded with over 10,000 music and karaoke tracks
  • 2 x 12” speakers with a matching amp
  • 2 x LED lighting effects
  • 2 x Microphones
  • Ipod, Smart phone, Laptop connection to play own music
  • Free delivery, setup, and pickup
  • Ideal for small to mid-size parties up to 100 people

Add On

  • Cordless Microphone - $45.00
  • Smoke Machine - $45.00
  • Extra LED light - $25.00

24 hour operator service

From the moment you book Mobydisc your details are recorded, confirmation sent and the booking computer tracked. And our operators are just a phonecall away 24 hours a day - there is always someone to talk to in the rare event that a back-up DJ or system is required

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