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Carla Hunt - Wedding Reception - DJ

We are really happy with the service provided by Mobydisc. The DJ played all our selected songs.

Wayne Jennings - Social Function - Jukebox/Karaoke

The Jukebox/Karaoke made the night so much fun. Lighting set a party mood, was great even with the stricted numbers due to Covid, and it covered all genre's of music.

Emily Winley - Social Function - Jukebox/Karaoke

We had an absolute ball with the Jukebox/Karaoke so thanks so much!!! Will definitely hire again when Covid settles down.

Sheridan Bettington - Wedding Reception - DJ

Note: Wedding was 21/03/2020, praise was received 11/06/2020 - I wanted to say a delayed big thank you. You called me to re confirm my wedding as I was really upset at the Covid developments, you were really kind. Thank goodness for that call. The DJ was amazing. She was just beautiful and I couldn't recommend her enough. She played my requested songs and just did a great job. Please thank her for her care.

Chelsea Burman - Wedding Reception - DJ

Note: Wedding was 29/02/2020, praise was received 02/05/2020 - There isn't a thing I would change about Mobydisc service it was fantastic. The DJ took all the recommendations and played the best songs at the best times. I danced all night!!! Getting your DJ for my reception was hands down the best decision I made for the whole day.

Jodie Lester - Wedding Reception - DJ

Our DJ/MC was wonderful. From the initial phone call to the end of our night Mobydisc was very accommodating. We are happy we chose Mobydisc for our Wedding. Thank you all!!

Angela Lingard - 50th Birthday Party - DJ

Highly recommended our DJ what a legend. She was wonderful, she was like one of the family.

Kim Nichols - Engagement Party - Jukebox/Karaoke

Amazing to deal with. Jukebox/Karaoke was just what we wanted and perfect for our function. Very Pleased.

May Tucker - 18th Birthday Party - DJ

Thank you so much. DJ was on time and on point. Music was great. Highly recommended.

Jess Mcmahon - Wedding Reception - DJ

We loved our DJ he was fantastic. He was heaps of fun and played all our music, plus lots of requests. He was great.

Jacqueline Paul - 60th Birthday Party - DJ

A huge thanks to the DJ, he played a huge part in making the night a really fun, great night that everyone enjoyed.

Karen Kliem - 21st Birthday Party - Jukebox/Karaoke

The service from you guys and the like with delivery, pickup and explaining how to use it was amazing. Cannot wait for our next party.

Heike Higgins - Wedding Reception - DJ

The DJ was fantastic. Perfect music for our generation and even the younger ones like it.

Linda Cox - 40th Wedding Anniversary - DJ

He was terrific, please give our thanks again for a great afternoon.

Susan Thompsom - Corporate Function - DJ

Wonderful service helped make the party one of the best. Thank you

Hayley Russell - Engagement Party - DJ

The DJ took instructions really well. So accommodating and nice. We had a lot of people asking for requests and he took all of them with grace and style.

Anna Severino - New Years Eve Party - Jukebox/Karaoke

Thanks so much. The party was great and the Jukebox was a big hit. It was very easy to use, the kids really enjoyed it too.

Katherine Miller - Wedding Reception - DJ

The DJ was great. Seeing a smiling DJ who gets into the music really makes the night great. He read the room very well. He was flexible as our MC with our minimal planning. He represented Mobydisc fantastically.

Pam Gwynne - Primary School Graduation - DJ

I have been involved in a number of year 6 farewells and he was definitely the best. Organised professional and incredibly easy to work with. Absolutely fantastic

Colin Harmon - Christmas Party - DJ

The DJ was keen to accommodate anyone at our party for song requests and Karaoke requests.

Theresa Baldwing - Christmas Party - DJ

Our DJ was lovely, she did everything we asked and more, was very accommodating and listened to our requests.

Vicki Sheehan - Christmas Party - Jukebox

All went like clockwork with the Jukebox, we had a great evening. Will contact again next year for our staff party requirements.

Jessica Kelly - Wedding Reception - DJ

I'm still receiving messages from my guests to say it was the best wedding they have been to and how much fun it was. I believe it was because of our DJ, actually I know it was due to the DJ. Every single guest have said what a great night all thanks to the DJ.

Anthony Fehr - 50th Birthday Party - DJ

Wonderful DJ. My wife was so happy and danced all night. Would definitely book again. Thanks.

Daniel Nguyen - 21st Birthday Party - DJ

The night was absolutely incredible. This was the first time I've seen a dance floor getting utilised before entrees. Everyone loved the music. Thank you heaps Mobydisc.

Vicky Tuliate - 16th Bithday Party - Jukebox

Hello and thank you for a great sound system/karaoke. The kids had the best night. It kept them entertained all night.

Natasha Gibson - Netball Breakup - DJ

We loved our DJ she did a fabulous job selecting the music, and organising the competitions. We'd happily recommend Mobydisc to anyone for a DJ.

Glenda Ross - Wedding Reception - DJ

We had the best night. Our DJ was fantastic with music choice and also his MCing. Due to this everything ran smoothly.

Margaret Serrano - 70th Birthday Party - Jukebox

Gave us an amazing party, such friendly staff, from office to delivery.

Nicole Hayes - Primary School Dance - DJ

The girls would have loved to go longer. They were excited that they got to hear music that they absolutely loved!

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